Monochromatic Trends!

Monochromatic Trends!

Monochromatic Trends!

Over the years, fashion has evolved, it has reinvented itself, it has created rules (and many have been broken); but this year the trend is to break with all that has been said, a few years ago, dressing in the same tone from head to toe was unthinkable, but now we see in our future outfits a lot of monochromatism, especially in our favorite colors.

We have these summer look ideas for you, which take inspiration from specific colors according to Pantone® (a company that creates color systems for the graphic arts).  This trend was presented at the NYFW so you can break free your creativity.

There is an incredible variety of bright colors, which are the ones we usually use for summer or fall, also thinking about the lovers of more sober tones have included several grays, whites and neutrals. However, the ones that stood out the most were the reds and blues. (Remember that the color of the year is the Classic Blue, so it could not miss).

Below you can see some of the looks that went through the New York Fashion Week, so you can have a vision on the pieces you would like to try, or the creations you can make with your outfits and be in trend!

Pantone 18-1345 Cinnamon Stick

One of our favorites is this reddish brown (more reddish than brown, but we love it that way), we find it an incredible color to make combinations in different shades of this same color and we assure you that you will look like something out of a magazine.


Here is some inspiration to see how you can combine different shades. Remember that the important thing is that you feel comfortable and happy with your outfits.

Pantone 19-5217 Storm

We loved this dark green for those people who are lovers of superb colors. It's a perfect color to create your outfit for the office or for night outings, we promise everyone will love your look.

Here are a few references to match this color with similar shades.


Pantone 15-1314 Cuban Sand

This color is one of the most favorable to any skin, and has become the color emblem of several collections, especially the collections of Victoria Beckham that always seeks to create combinations.

Do not be afraid to use it because we promise that with any tone it will look great.


Pantone 19-3923 Navy Blazer

One of the most stylish colors in this collection, we love how this color can be combined with so many other pieces and still stand out among them.

If you have any doubts, always go for something navy blue, we promise you it will never fail.


We hope that these ideas fill you with inspiration for your next looks and remember that in fashion there is no right or wrong formula, only that you feel comfortable with what you wear.


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